Power of Attorney

Are you travelling overseas and want someone to attend to your financial affairs while you're gone? Is it proving more and more difficult for you to manage your own financial affairs and want someone (for example a spouse, or one of your adult children) to assist you with this?

If you wish to appoint someone now to manage your affairs in the event you are unable to do so because of accident or illness, then you may need an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Lawley Legal can assist you with the preparation of your Power of Attorney.

If it's not your financial affairs you want to entrust someone else with, but decisions concerning your health, then you may need an Enduring Guardianship or Advanced Health Directives. These documents are concerned with giving others whom you appoint to make decisions about your health and medical treatment, and what is to happen in the event you cannot make the decision yourself through illness or accident.

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