Commercial Law

Commercial Contracts & Advice

It is usually more cost effective to get it right at the start rather than to litigate about it at the end. We at Lawley Legal provide advice and assist our clients on negotiating terms for a variety of commercial contracts and documents. 


Representing landlords and tenants throughout the State, we understand the needs and objectives of both. We prepare all types of lease agreements specifically tailored to reflect the agreement reached. We offer clear advice in the negotiation of the deal you want to achieve. Lawley Legal can assist you on all leasing issues, including rent reviews, defaults & recovery of money owing. We promptly provide clear and concise documentation. 


It is sometimes said that partnerships are easy to enter and problematic to exit. You could leave it up to the law to sort out what happens when the partnership comes to an end or you can take control of it from the start and document the partnership agreement. Lawley Legal can help you navigate your way through the myriad of issues, negotiate and document your partnership agreement so you know and agree what everyone’s responsibilities are and what is to happen when you or (one of) your partner(s) retire from or leave the partnership.

Benefit from the experience, knowledge and expertise Lawley Legal has to offer.