Car Accident Claims

In Western Australia all injured persons are entitled to a lump sum compensation payment caused by another person’s negligent driving.  Compensation is also obtainable even if you are partially at fault in the accident.  There are various areas of compensation which can be claimed, including

You can claim compensation for

  • Pain & suffering, permanent disability; scarring or cosmetic disfigurement; loss of enjoyment of life; reduction in ability to partake in pre-accident hobbies, sports or lifestyle activities.
  • Loss of income from the date of accident until the date the case is settled and can include provision for future income lost even after the case is concluded (including loss of superannuation benefits).
  • Medical expenses incurred from the date of the accident until the date the case is concluded and future costs even after the case is concluded.
  • Expenses incurred from the date of the accident such as traveling expenses to attend for treatment and medical appointments.
  • Assistance you need from family members, friends and even professionals to cope with day to day activities;
  • You are a dependant of someone who dies in a motor vehicle accident;

Most cases are settled without going before a judge. Only rarely do cases go all the way to trial.

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