Children's Matters

It is never open and shut when it comes to what arrangements are best for the children in the event of ending of a relationship.  Many factors are taken into account. It is often an emotionally charged issue and always warranting considered attention, we at Lawley Legal maintain an objective approach and give clear advice. Whether you have questions such as with whom the children will live, what time they will spend with the other parent, how should they be financially supported, if one parent wants to take them on an overseas holiday or relocate elsewhere in the state or the country. These can all be confusing. 

Does your child have special needs? Was it always intended that she attend a private school? Do you want him to take music lessons or participate in other extra-curricular activities? These issues can not only feature in what kind of arrangements are ultimately made for your children but also what level of (extra) support they might need.

Child Support Agreements

Parents can agree their child support obligations and create certainty about their financial and legal responsibilities for the maintenance of their children.

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