Family Law

It is sometimes (mis)understood that the breakdown of a relationship simply means “getting a divorce”.

Sometimes there are arrangements for children to work through, sometimes there are financial aspects to resolve and sometimes the relationship breakdown needs attention to both. Advice from family and friends can be a great source of comfort and reassurance but, irrespective of how well intentioned they might be, it may lead you to expensive legal action.

  • Financial Matters

    Lawley Legal assists in resolving your matter through negotiation and mediation, lets you know where you stand at all times and what you are entitled to.

  • Binding Financial Agreements

    Protect your property interests, reduce the possibility of disputes and create certainty about your financial and legal responsibilities.

  • Children's Matters

    Lawley Legal takes all factors into account when advising what is best for you and your children through this time.

  • Divorce

    Lawley Legal will guide you through all the necessary processes associated with obtaining a divorce.